What is ChiHOP?

The Chicago House of Prayer is a non/inter-denominational ministry based on the model of 24/7 worship first seen under the reign of King David, when he instituted day-and-night temple worship before the Lord. It is our desire that our prayers and worship create a place of habitation for the Lord.We also have a vision for missions birthed out of the prayer room, stemming from an intimate walk with Christ. We believe that through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, believers today can walk in the same anointing, signs, wonders, and authority of the New Testament church. We long to see ministry seminars, prophetic schools, internships, art and technology training, and more, all in the context of day and night prayer, so that the Lord may be glorified in the marketplace through natural excellence coupled with spiritual purpose.


What do we do?

  • Prayer and Worship. The Prayer Room is the heartbeat of all that goes on at ChiHOP and is modeled after the Tabernacle of David, where singers and musicians led corporate worship and intercession 24-hours a day. While our goal is to have live teams rotate every two hours around the clock, you’ll currently see a mixture of live teams and streamed music as you visit the Prayer Room.
  • Teaching Seminars for equipping people in such areas as prophetic ministry, dream interpretation, and understanding specific topics in scripture.
  • Outreaches and evangelism to reach our community with the love and word of God.


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