Registration will open at the end of March.

August 19-26, 2018

Love Chicago is part of a movement spreading across America — joining adoration of the Father and proclamation of the gospel for a week of 24/7 intimacy and missions.

Chicago has a growing reputation nationwide as a capital of violence, murder, gangs, and corruption. There’s great concern about the levels of danger in parts of our city, with federal intervention a looming possibility.  Unseen to the person reading the latest headline, however, is a vibrant prayer movement in the city. For years pastors, leaders, and intercessors have been uniting regularly to cry out to the King of Righteousness to bring justice into this city that we love.

Thirty minutes down the Stevenson, there has been consistent prayer going up at Chicago House of Prayer for the past eighteen years, as they have stood as fellow Watchmen on the wall. There is only one outcome to such faithful intercession by believers: a shift. We believe we are about to witness a historic shift in this city. God has heard the cries of His people, who haven’t compromised and are continuously saturating the city in prayer.

God is rewriting the story of Chicago.

We believe as the Church acts together out of intimacy with the Father, radical change is going to spread throughout Chicago, and release hope to other cities across the nation and around the globe. God is calling His bride to engage His heart so that from a place of intimacy, we can all know how He sees Chicago and boldly proclaim it into this “city in a garden”.

God’s love demands a response. When we experience His love, we can’t help but love Him and those around us —The Greatest Commandments. In this response, we realize that the Gospel can’t just be something that we preach, but that must be lived out. By personally living it out, we teach others to do the same —The Great Commission.  As others live out this two-fold reality, we see the reformation of a culture.

This marriage between intimacy and missions goes beyond this week-long outreach. Our prayer is to see 24/7 adoration of Jesus and 24/7 proclamation of His love lived out every day of our lives – because He is worthy!


Why are we doing this?

Because HE is worthy. Faithful laborers in Chicago have been sowing their time, prayer, and ministry efforts to see His name glorified in a city many have deemed hopeless. We want to come alongside one another as believers in Christ to see lasting change for His Kingdom.

Who is running the event?

Love Chicago is made possible by God through several full and part-time missionaries, church/ministry partners, and volunteers, from Chicago and various cities throughout the nation. We’re a small group of Jesus followers with a big assignment from God. If you know God wants you to join us in the mission, we’d love to hear from you at – this is going to take the whole body!

Is registration required for Love Chicago?

Yes. ALL participants, regardless of participation level, are required to register online.

Who can participate in Love Chicago events and outreach?

All lovers of Jesus who have a heart for the Kingdom of God to be advanced in the city of Chicago.

Do you have to be part of a specific denomination?

No. We believe God is calling members of His body from various churches, denominations, ministries, cities, and walks of life to partner in bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the city of Chicago.

Can children participate in Love Chicago?

Families and children of all ages are encouraged to participate in Love Chicago; however, parental discretion is advised for evangelism outreaches. Children 12 and under do not need to register.

Can I choose to participate in only part of Love Chicago?

Yes. We encourage you to seek the Father’s heart on your involvement in Love Chicago, participating in as much as you feel led. Whether you come for the whole week, one activity a day, a couple hours in the prayer and worship room, or simply through your donations to help make this ministry a possibility – we encourage you to sign up.

Can I pick and choose which activities I participate in during Love Chicago?

We believe God has uniquely gifted His body to function in different areas of operation, but with equal importance (1 Cor. 12). If you have a heart for the lost, a passion for worship, serving, or a burning desire to raise up prayers as incense to the Father, we believe you have a part to play in Love Chicago.

Register online so you can create your own activities schedule.

Additional details coming soon…