What is Love Chicago

Love Chicago is a citywide initiative seeking to unite Christ-Followers, churches, and local businesses to powerfully engage the city of Chicago with the Love of Christ. Each Love Chicago event seeks to bring hope to the hurting, lost, and sick as we share the transformative love of Christ. In the past, Love Chicago was a week-long event of 24/7 worship, prayer, and evangelism that happened once a year. We are now in the process of making this kind of citywide ministry possible 365 days a year, culminating with an annual week-long event. Our heart is to desperately seek Our Father and show the city of Chicago unending love. Ultimately, the desire is to join hands through prayer, worship and proclamation of the gospel. Please join us in prayer as we strategize and seek Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance to see Chicago utterly saturated with His presence.

God is rewriting the story of Chicago.

Chicago is known worldwide as a city of violence, murder, gangs, and corruption. With the reputation of being on the brink of all-out failure, there is yet something unseen on the surface: a vibrant prayer movement of the people of God crying out for revival. God has heard the cries of His people who have continuously saturated the city in prayer, and we are about to witness history in the making. We are seeing, like never before, hearts in Chicago softening to the gospel, public officials recognizing the deep spiritual need of the city, and the body of Christ joining together in united compassion for the people of Chicago.

Loving Chicago 24/7 the Beginning…

Having a week-long initiative to engage Chicago, especially those areas where crime is the highest, was the first step of our vision for citywide transformation. After months of planning and partnering with several ministries throughout Chicago, we kicked off the Love Chicago outreach event August 19-26. The week was saturated with prayer, worship, and outreaches, we could really sense God moving throughout Chicago! Together we hit over 100 outreaches, reaching more than 14,000 people across the city. With that kind of faith, unity, and agreement there was no shortage of miracles and hearts coming to Christ. Please pray with us as we are believing God for Chicago to be saturated with 24/7 worship, prayer, and evangelism!

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